British designer Jas Sehmbi collaboration with Motobayashi

MAKE WHAT YOU WILL, a brand combines lifestyle and accessories, founded by the British designer Jas Sehmbi who lives in London and have been designed bags and accessories over 30 years. His own brand “JAS M.B” has taken the world by storm and sold over 500 stores. The brand had eagerly supported by celebrity and fashionista. Thoughtfully designed, sampled and refined in the brand’s East London atelier to reduce unnecessary elements, each piece is assembled using the best combination. Inspired by realistic street fashion such as London and Tokyo, we are continually creating new designs and features. An open invitation to co-create; MAKE WHAT YOU WILL (MWYW), offers a blank canvas upon which to add the rituals of daily living. Timeless style that resonates with the here and now, accessibly-priced and elevated through high-quality workmanship. Let us realize your creativity, make your personal unique bag.

British designer Jas Sehmbi collaboration with Motobayashi

Based in London, Sackville Leather Company (Sackville) specializes in creating small leather goods which complement your everyday life. With high-quality leather, Sackville’s wide range of leather products is thoughtfully designed in a timeless yet modern style. Inspired by London, Sackville uses various colours and patterns to represent the populous and lively city.

Independent menswear bag brand by Motobayashi — Pray

The main value of Pray: design, function, quality and fun — For the customers enjoy casual sporty style, made with high quality materials. Pray produce aesthetic and functional bags based on the outdoors activity, and being considerate to design pockets and zippers etc. It is popular among 30 to 40 year-old male customers.

Fashion accessories from Scandinavia

Lumi is an accessories brand from Finland, the brand’s name means “snow”, which communicate the value of the brand, honest, durable and equal.
Lumi is founded in Millennium by Sanna Kantola who was the accessories designer in Ralph Lauren and Bruno Beaugrand, then an art director at Tiffany Watches. “The fashionable bags with never faded colours’ is the main concept of the brand. Emphasising on function, and combine their design with vivid colours, symbolising the perfect but unique snow flakes and bring this idea to their leather item design.
Lumi’s products are available in more than 25 countries. The growth of the brand has bring their name worldwide.

Il Sabato, means Saturday in Italian

From Italy with quality, relaxing in busy city like weekends.
Selecting the material with the best quality, Il Sabato produces highly functional items with traditional craftsman skills.

“Quattro angoli” means 4 angles in Italian. For us, the 4 angles of quattro・angoli are design, function, quality and fun. Enriching able bag accessories is our goal. Let’s make your workplace more energetic and stylish!

Store Location
Store Name Hiroshima Hukuyaten
Address 5F 6-26 Ebisucho, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0021, Japan
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Enjoying smoking stylishly – Relax with us in Smoking Cafe BRIQUIET

As a related business to smoking from 1905, Motobayashi created Smoking Cafe BRIQUIET for smoking community to have a relaxing place for their leisure. Meanwhile, we transform the negative image of smoking to fashionable, stylish, and building the culture of smoking.

Store Location
Koshigaya Lake Town: 1F, 3-1-1 Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama 343-0828, Japan
Opening time:9am to 10pm
Otemachi PLACE: 2 Chome-3-1 Ōtemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0004
Opening time:7:30am to 10pm
(Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
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Smoking accessories online shop

BRIQUET online sells various smoking related products, from cigarette, cigars, pipes, filters, ash trays and lighters. Find out more on BRIQUET.


Lighters, the essential accessories for smoking. Motobatashi produces the most unique one for the community.

Motobayashi grows with history, from a shop sold smoking accessories to GEAR TOP, to the collaboration with the local factory in Tokyo, created the newest eco-friendly lighters in 2016, with their superb skills and perfection.

Natural Organic Skincare and Beauty Business

From Seattle, HERBIVORE develops 100% organic beauty products. Recharge the energy of your skin, simply use the products to feel the texture and the scent of herb.

Only use the organic plant-based ingredient for anti-age products, BOTTEGA ORGANICA researches with clinical science, achieving the best combination of the component for anti-age skincare.

Making with natural mineral, Polish cosmetic brand considers the diversity of the skin types, research on various recipe for their products.

From US to Japan, ORGAID’s masks make their names overnight. Featuring the organic ingredients which endorsed by USDA.

Davids is a tooth paste brand from America. Founded in 2011 by Eric Davids Buss, he found out the tooth paste brands which claims using the natural ingredients, containing countless unhealthy component in their products. Therefore, he started to research on tooth paste and healthcare products and after 4 years hard work, Davids has finally came to the market, with genuine natural ingredients to guard people’s health.

From Sweden, Humble Brush is made under the instruction of dentists. There are more than 20 billion tooth brushes are dumped every year, in order to reduce the plastic wasting, Humble Brush use bamboo for the body of their design. The smart and minimal products have been selling the shops and dental clinic all over Sweden.

THE GENTLE LABEL is a British homeware brand. Selecting natural ingredients strictly, without any unnecessary extra, the brand gives the trust to everyone regardless ages and gender.

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